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Mistress COMMANDS!

Mistresses Gallery

These beautiful and powerful Goddesses have provided links to their pictures and payment information for you to USE. Each Mistresses' home page contains pictures and contact information. Make tributes here, the link takes you to an online payment system through talksugar, where you will be able to send 'tips'. These Goddesses know what to do with moneyslaves,paypiggies, cash cows, ATM slaves, and moneypigs, just like you. Financial Domination is what these woman do best, enjoying bringing weak and pathetic slaves to their knees.

Make your Tribute to Mistress Cassie NOW! Pay Here

Mistress Barbara is waiting for your Tribute. Pay Here

Pay Temptress Mia before you take your next breath.Pay Here

Princess Lacey is ready to charge your cards up. Pay Here

Mistress Angel has demanded you pay her bills now. Pay Here

English Annie controls you now, and forever. Pay Here

Empress Andrea is raping your wallet, financially destroying you. Pay Here
Payment Info
  • Over the Phone
    • Call The Mistress you wish to Tribute; at their home numbers.
    • Determine the length of call you would prefer.
    • Tell her  your Visa  card  number, and she will obtain authorization  process the payment.  This takes about 2 minutes. Please note that your VISA bill will list the transaction under "PSM Consultants".
    •  Know that more will be expected from you.




  •  Money Order
    • Obtain a money order for the required amount.
    • Make payment out to PSM Consultants & Services and address your envelope to PSM Consultants & Services. , and mail it to PSM Consultants & Services 612-500 Country Hills Blvd, NE, Suite 145, Calgary, AB, T3K 5K3, Canada.
    • Mail the money order, along with your name and email number, specifying who you would like your call to be with. 
    • When we receive your letter you will be  emailed back with instructions for arranging a time for your call.
    • Enjoy your call.

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